Functional Medicine

Dr.  Goldman has expanded her practice to include functional medicine. In brief, functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of illness. Treatment focuses on lifestyle changes (nutrition, movement, and stress) and may be supported with the use of supplements. Pharmaceuticals are only used after the holistic approaches have been fully investigated.  Patients are much more satisfied with the profound long lasting results.  Dr. Goldman is passionate about the functional medicine approach and is finally practicing the way she imagined when she entered medical school. She is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).

Integrative Psychiatry

Dr. Goldman recognizes the limitations of any one modality of treatment and is open to alternative approaches. After practicing for several decades Dr. Goldman has expanded her perspective to include integrative and functional medicine in addition to advanced nutrient therapies.  Diet, nutriceuticals, botanicals, medications, and a variety of psychotherapeutic treatments are among the tools Dr. Goldman uses (whether directly or through referrals). She is science based and has been to multiple advanced trainings to inform her treatment approaches. She welcomes collaboration with primary care physicians, specialists, psychotherapists, advanced practice nurses, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and other healthcare clinicians.

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Traditional Psychiatry

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Dr. Goldman practices a caring psychopharmacology treatment that integrates both psychotherapy and medical consultations where needed.   Focusing on the person and not the symptoms is a hallmark of her approach. She has successfully treated thousands of people with  the spectrum of new and older medications to optimize relief and minimize side effects.