Wellness Programs

a) Clear Path Wellness – A body and mind renewal program

Our wellness programs are designed for people that are committed to making lifestyle changes to help them reach their health goals. Participation in a unique and practical educational curriculum provides the foundation for becoming an expert in your own health. We teach and guide our members in both group and individual settings to establish a clear path towards health that continues long after the program is completed.

b) Clear Path Wellness – A brain focused program – The Bredesen Protocol™

The Protocol provides a comprehensive personalized program designed to improve cognition and reverse the cognitive decline of SCI (subjective cognitive impairment), MCI(mild cognitive impairment) and early Alzheimer’s disease. Continued research and testing by Dr. Bredesen began by evolving MEND into The Bredesen Protocol™, which has identified new and previously unrecognized causes of Alzheimer’s disease.

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c) Detoxification – 4 and 6 week programs

These science based detoxes are designed to help those who are just starting in their wellness journey.  Detoxification serves as a foundation for improving health. The programs include partial elimination diets, nutraceuticals and weekly support. The length of the program depends on individual goals.