It is Day #3 of The Mental Wellness Journey

Our guests are Dr. Morgan Camp, MD and Dr. Nisha Chellam.

The Functional Medicine Approach to Anxiety

Dr. Camp takes his 2 decades of functional/alternative medicine practice and shares his perspective of Anxiety. Who doesn’t have anxiety? This great overview allows you to find yourself and your anxiety within it. In addition, he shares his top 10 biohacks for anxiety. Finally, he introduces us to a new unique herbal blend for anxiety. Like so many of the extraordinary healers who have their own personal story, Dr. Camp has created something that can benefit so many. He also gives us the background of why he put these herbs together and how helpful the blend has already been for thousands of people. All I can say, I wish I discovered Be-Serene. And he has a great freebie that is not to be missed.

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The Benefits of Respecting Our Authentic Self

Today’s interview is with Dr. Nisha Chellam. Dr. Chellam is a traditional trained MD who calls herself a “recovering physician”. She has chosen to move away from medications being the only option for sick patients. Using the principles of functional medicine, Dr. Chellam has transformed people’s lives and mindset so they may live a life of joy and love. In addition to acknowledging her skills as an amazing physician, I hold a special place in my heart for Dr. Chellam. I sat next to her at the foundational course of The Institute For Functional Medicine(IFM). This is when my personal and professional life changed. Her personal and professional life changed as well.

We discuss Dr. Chellam’s view that any motivated person, at any age, can regain their health. Each of us must be our own advocate and not take on the identity of a mental or physical illness. We must separate what has happened to us from our own self. A seemingly small shift in perspective can create LIFE-CHANGING results. We have a choice to either please other people at the expense of our individual self or choose to respect our authentic self. It’s an inspiring discussion.

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BlogDay #3 The Mental Wellness Journey: Honor the Authentic You