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Dr. Laurie Goldman is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and functional medicine practitioner who’s been in private practice since 1999. She founded Clear Path Wellness to help her patients reach their maximum state of mental and physical health using a personalized, comprehensive approach powered by the principles of functional medicine, which treats the whole person, not just symptoms.

Using the science of medicine and the art of holistic healing, Dr. Goldman compassionately guides her patients on a positive and change-oriented journey that promotes growth, holistic health and disease prevention.

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Dr. Goldman is a graduate of Wesleyan University (BA) and the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine (MD), Dr. Goldman completed her internship and psychiatry residency at Rush University in 1994. She honed her skills providing psychiatric care in the most challenging of treatment milieus, first at Chicago Health Outreach (with homeless clients) and Madden State Hospital and finally at Cook County Jail. Her identification of the need for more extensive psychiatric intervention at Cook County Jail became the basis for a joint research study with the University of Chicago’s Chapin Hall Center for Children, Cook County’s Cermak Health Services and Isaac Ray Center/Rush University that has been published in several scholarly journals.

Dr. Goldman’s practice evolved with experience and as she started to learn functional medicine. Her traditional practice became more integrative. She developed Clear Path Wellness to help people begin and continue their journeys to health using a functional medicine framework. Dr. Goldman is an Institute For Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) in addition to being certified in the Bredesen Protocol (Reversing Cognitive Decline). She also has studied advanced nutrient treatments with Dr. Willam Walsh. And she is a full founding member of ISEAI.org. Dr. Goldman welcomes collaboration with primary care physicians, specialists, psychotherapists, advanced practice nurses, naturopaths, nutritionists and other clinicians.

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