6 Weeks to Mental Wellness Live Class


Discover the Clear Path Wellness Difference!

Do You Want To:

  • Have tools to calm your anxiety, in the here and now
  • Have calmness as your baseline
  • Awaken excited for the day
  • Experience fun and joy daily
  • Be optimistic and see that the glass is half full
  • Sleep soundly and awaken feeling rested
  • Have good energy levels
  • Feel the strength of your body
  • Know what and how to eat to nourish your body

If you answered yes to the above, then you must join Dr. Laurie Goldman for six, once-weekly, 60-90 minutes webinars devoted to improving your mental wellness.

Session Topics Include:

  1. Positive Psychology
  2. Biofeedback – HeartMath
  3. Nutrition – Nutrients, & Supplements
  4. Spirituality – Rituals & Routine
  5. Meditation – Apps & Transcendental Meditation
  6. Movement – Physical Exercise

Each session will include a lecture with practical action steps followed by a Q & A segment.

Benefits of Attending Include:

  • Increase your understanding of the components of mental wellness
  • Learn specific actions that you can take to achieve mental wellness
  • Explore areas where a deeper appreciation is needed

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Program6 Weeks to Mental Wellness Live Class