Cognitive Optimization

The protocol
for Brain Health

You can reduce & prevent cognitive decline!

We provide a comprehensive personalized plan to improve cognition and support the reversal of cognitive decline, brain “fog”, and the symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease. We do so by following the principles of functional medicine and cutting-edge and clinically-proven assessment and treatment models that incorporate supplements and diet and lifestyle changes to rejuvenate and repair cognitive function.

Dr. Laurie Goldman is one of a select few doctors certified in the Bredesen Protocol, an innovative approach to improving cognition.

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Cognition Optimization Plans Entail:


Eating a whole food diet


Consuming healthy fats


Modifying sleep patterns


Fasting nightly for 12 hours


Exercise & brain training


Taking supplements

How We Can help You Succeed

Our 6-9 Month Complete Cognition Optimization Package Includes:


2 90-minute appointments with Dr. Goldman


60-minute assessment with our Registered Dietician


Personalized Clear Path Wellness Cognition Optimization Plan


5 follow-up appointments with Dr. Goldman every 4 weeks


5 follow-up appointments with our Registered Dietician


Access to the Clear Path Wellness Member Area

Stop & Prevent Future Cognitive Decline

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