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Step 1. Explore

Receive a comprehensive assessment from Laurie Goldman, MD, IFMCP, who is trained in both conventional and holistic medicine.

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QuickStart Assessments include a detailed medical and lifestyle history. The perspective of nutrition, sleep patterns, exercise routines, meditation, cognition, relationships (home and work), spiritual practices, worries, and concerns are all taken into consideration. In addition, extensive blood work and fundamental assessments are part of this step. Buy Now >

Step 2. Plan

We create a treatment plan to address physical and psychological challenges uncovered with lab testing and assessments.

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Using methodically reviewed lab testing results and assessments as a guide, Dr. Goldman and her team construct an individualized and detailed roadmap for your treatment journey. This is done within the context of your current condition in order for you to arrive at a happier, healthier, and more resilient version of yourself.

Step 3. Journey

Grow and heal by following your personalized plan that holistically promotes whole-body wellness, vitality, and prevention.
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Dr. Goldman and staff provide personalized guidance and walk the path to wellness with you. This is especially helpful when challenges and bumps in the road present themselves. When you partner with Clear Path Wellness, you will not be alone in your journey and will have experienced and compassionate professionals to accompany you the entire way.

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