When was the last time you felt really good?

When was the last time:

  • You awakened in the morning feeling rested, had energy and looked forward to the day?
  • Your thinking was clear and not foggy?
  • Your joints didn’t ache or feel stiff?
  • You didn’t feel bloated, constipated or crampy?
  • You didn’t crave cake, cookies, or chocolate?
  • You lost weight?
  • You didn’t have headaches?
  • You didn’t have rashes?

Detoxification and Elimination

The body has a built-in detoxification system. It detoxifies constantly and is essential to keep your body healthy. Giving the body a little help with this process is called a “Detox”. But, contrary to popular belief, detoxes do not have to be restrictive or unsustainable.

Detoxification starts in your liver. While it’s a complicated process, your liver essentially does this in two phases. First, it converts toxic substances to highly reactive metabolites and then excretes these toxins. Your kidneys, lungs, skin and even gut also play a role in detoxification.

Your body becomes “toxic” when the detoxification process does not work optimally. The toxins remain active longer, giving us symptoms, impeding normal metabolism and causing fluid retention, bloatedness and puffiness among other problems. A detoxification plan can possibly help. The right plan impacts chronic inflammation and minimizes the toxins. Manifestations of toxin buildup include fatigue, bloated abdomen, constipation, crampy stomach, difficulty in losing weight and foggy thinking.

Can you believe Foods are the most familiar source of toxins or offending agents?

Coming in future blogs:

  • What makes something toxic?
  • More about ways to detoxify.


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