Well, it’s mid-May. It’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Mother’s Day just passed. Flowers are going into the ground. And….How are you faring amidst the pandemic? Each community has its own variation as does each family and each individual.

How is/are your:

  • physical body?
  • mindset?
  • intellectual and creative minds?
  • spirituality?
  • emotional connections – family and friends?

Are you taking care of yourself? Are you checking in with yourself? Or have you put yourself on the back burner, yet again?

There is more than enough tragedy and sadness with the pandemic for everyone. I am continuing to look for the Silver Linings amidst this pandemic. We have all been forced to slow down, its like we have been given more time.

So What have you been doing with all your extra time?

As I wrote 6 weeks ago, I started meditating. After my initial 30 day commitment, I fell out of the habit. I am committing now to restart meditating for another 30 days.

  • I am getting more sleep than I did pre-COVID.
  • I am taking my supplements consistently.
  • I am speaking with family and friends more frequently and in longer conversations than before.
  • I slipped with some of my healthy eating. I’ve had a bit more alcohol than I should have, both in frequency and quantity. Fortunately, I have been able to cut back on this somewhat already.
  • My dogs are enjoying longer and more frequent walks as the weather permits which means I am moving much more.
  • I have been binge-watching, The Great British Baking Show (not binge eating!) Unorthodox, Law & Order (yet again) and looking forward to Dead To Me.

This is not to say I have been anxiety and depression free this whole time. I’ve had moments, hours and even multiple days in a row. As soon as I can remind myself I pull out my list/my inventory and go through it. Sometimes it doesn’t work the first time and I have to pull it out a few more times until I am able to check off the one, two or more items that I need to focus on.

As Always, I’d love to know your thoughts. Contact Me

If you are stuck in the anxiety merry-go-round or depressed negativity then you MUST reach out to a family member, friend or a professional. People really do want to be helpful, please allow them to be.


Dr. Laurie Goldman is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and functional medicine practitioner who’s been in private practice since 1999. She founded Clear Path Wellness to help her patients reach their maximum state of mental and physical health using a personalized, comprehensive approach powered by the principles of functional medicine, which treats the whole person, not just symptoms.   

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