It is Day #2 of The Mental Wellness Journey

Our guests are Dr. Christina Bjorndal and Dr. Aimie Apigian.

Beyond Labels and Stigma Towards Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-being

Dr. Bjorndal is one of today’s guests. I am a super fan of hers if one doctor can say that about another! She shares her 10 steps to healing mental wellness. While she expresses the spiritual and philosophical aspect of mental wellness do not let that fool you. She is incredibly knowledgeable about basic biology, physiology and what is needed to heal your brain and any mental challenges. In this interview, we focus on the entire gamut of mental wellness. Her wisdom enlightens all of us and our earthly adventures by expressing the extraordinary words of Gabor Mate, MD and Eckhart Tolle amongst others. I could listen to her all day. Dr. Bjorndal resonates peacefulness and calm. Her personal story, like so many extraordinary healers, is inspiring and uplifting and her practice embodies the theme of “Honor The Authentic You!” This is an interview not to miss!

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Trauma Healing Accelerated

Today’s interview with Dr. Apigian is such a treat. She is a preventative medicine physician who specializes in trauma, attachment and addiction medicine. She focuses on the biology of trauma and targets her work there. Her enlightened work came about in a herculean effort to help her foster-adopted son. After 6 long years to get her son to the point of feeling loved and understood, she developed chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues herself. Dr. Apigian had to discover her own trauma patterns that were at the root of her fatigue and autoimmune disorders. She subsequently found how it is possible to rewire insecure attachment, trauma patterns and accumulated stress that is stored in our bodies. Don’t miss this interview! Informed through her life as a parent and helping herself she can help you too by directly working with the body and optimizing your biology for connection and aliveness.

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BlogDay #2 The Mental Wellness Journey: Honor the Authentic You