It is Day #4 of The Mental Wellness Journey

Our guests are Dr. Evan Hirsch, MD and Dr. Rana Mafee, MD.

The 4 Step Process to Reaching New Levels of Energy Naturally in 6 Months or Less WITHOUT Stimulants, Energy Drinks or Caffeine

Dr. Hirsch gives a very informative interview. If you have fatigue and have not found any answers yet this is your lucky day. Dr. Hirsch took his own pain, struggle and recovery from fatigue and developed a plan to resolve yours. He has uncovered 33 causes of fatigue and realized most individuals have an average of 20! No surprise you haven’t felt any relief yet, huh! He has helped thousands of people. He is a genuinely nice, honest and compassionate physician who has an encyclopedic knowledge of functional medicine. He speaks quickly and I try to slow him down but that is the beauty of recordings you can rewind. His free gift is extraordinary. Please don’t miss this and be disappointed.

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The Ultimate Gut-Brain Link

Dr. Mafee is a hidden gem. Despite being a neurologist with vast experience, she was not satisfied with the standard of neurologic care. She intuitively knew that there was much more that science could offer her patients. Pursuing more education she has learned (and turned around and helped her patients) how our health is determined by what we eat and how it interacts with and our GI system and ultimately our neurological system. Warm, compassionate and with a wide breadth of knowledge Dr. Mafee is the physician you want to be taking care of you and your family.

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BlogDay #4 The Mental Wellness Journey: Honor the Authentic You