The thing about disordered eating is …it happens in secret – behind closed doors someone begins to use food and restrictive or binge eating to control something and protect themselves – from what? Fear, abuse, trauma, emotions…

And because it’s often a secret, it’s hard to get help. There isn’t a conversation. My friend, Mindy Gorman-Plutzer is bringing that conversation – in a huge way.

In a few days, her Summit on Disordered Eating invites DOZENS of global leaders on health, eating, food and MINDSET to share their input and elevate the 30+ million in America alone who navigate this epidemic.

Please click to attend: Recovery Revealed: What’s Feeding Your Disordered Eating?

And believe me, this epidemic has only grown and ruined more lives while we’ve been under the insane stress of the global epidemic.

This event is about everything – the science, the emotions, the new protocols to support recovery – but one of the most important aspects of navigating health is MINDSET.

And on day three of Mindy’s event, she and some of the leading minds in the world focus solely on MINDSET.

  • Learn how your connection to yourself is reflected in your relationship to food.
  • Get techniques that will help you reprogram any misguided emotional attachments, and create a healthy stress-free relationship with food and body.
  • Explore the root causes of emotional eating.
  • Find out about a new technology that can lower your stress response and support healing.

Please click to attend: Recovery Revealed: What’s Feeding Your Disordered Eating?

We all have a BIRTHRIGHT to love ourselves that is not dependent upon being a certain body type, weight or level of health.

Your birthright is not about self-esteem (which is often a moving target) it is powerful knowing that every one of us is an empowered and valuable and sacred life.

This event is a pathway back to that knowing. It is an invitation to leave behind abuse and restriction and move into a life of freedom and purpose.

Join me for this powerful education for yourself and for those you love.

Please share this link to attend this event with your friends and family and social media: Behind many “perfect” lives are those suffering from disordered eating.

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