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TODAY’s webinar is with Miranda Dreyer!

Miranda Dreyer, BSN, RN is the founder of Ascended Medicine and the creative visionary
behind The Cosmic Mama Show. She is an advocate for personal sovereignty and health
through trauma healing and an accelerator of New Earth Consciousness. She coaches doctors, nurses, coaches and healers to unveil and embody their spiritual gifts and authentic essence and to integrate these with their credentials to create trauma-informed and integrative medical practices and online coaching empires that serve humanity. She is also an inpatient psychiatric RN on a locked unit in San Diego, CA, where she continues to serve part-time on the front lines of mental health because she enjoys working with underserved populations.

Miranda integrates her background as a psychiatric RN and US Navy veteran along with 20+ years in the healing arts, somatics and holistic health with her business expertise from being a former wellness spa owner. She jokes about being a woman of many careers and she has a “Ph.D.” in life experience from her diverse background. She is passionate about emerging neuroscience, epigenetics, functional medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapies. Miranda is the mother of two amazing children, ages 20 and 17. Her 17-year-old son who has experienced profound suffering from Tourette’s disease and autism inspires her every day to co-create a new medical system that considers personal and transgenerational trauma healing as well as optimization of our lived experience cornerstones of Ascended Medicine. She will tell you she is a regular person with a cosmic calling, but her friends all call her the Cosmic Mama.

The Cosmic Mama Show is launching a free online series, Portal to Sovereignty: Sacred
technologies to rapidly reconfigure your reality and materialize New Earth on October




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BlogToday is Day #5 of 5 Days of Mental Wellness – FREE Webinar Series